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Whatever the Weather

Whatever the Weather is our foremost creative arts programme using a range of art forms to address locally identified health and wellbeing needs. This enables our partner districts and boroughs to deliver 8 excellent, inspiring participatory arts projects.  Our collaborative approach will seek to strengthen local networks and broker new relationships with health and social sector professionals. The projects will have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of participants enabling them to explore, develop and grow through creativity and by contributing to community projects.  Art forms include, visual arts, dance, creative writing, performance poetry, music and DJ’ing.  


Projects include:

Surrey Heath 

Art Form: Dance 

Community Partner:  Carwarden School, Camberley 

Working with a local Special School this project is looking at how creative dance can improve and benefit wellbeing through celebrating differences.  It will explore what inclusivity in dance means and project session will create an environment where pupils can develop improved confidence, a sense of achievement, a happier attitude, pride and an awareness of mental health.  There will be a small sharing of the work created by the project participants at Camberley Theatre at the end of June. 


Mole Valley 

Art Form: Visual Arts 

Community Partner: The Amber Foundation, Dorking 

This project will be working with young people aged 18-30 who are homeless and unemployed and the aim of the project is to explore what empowerment looks like for these young people.  The participants will be working with an artist to create an artwork led by their own interests and choices.  Through the project the young people will engage with their local area, with each other, and with the wider community through the process of creating this artwork.



Art Form: Music 

Community Partners: Addlestone Youth Centre, Egham Youth Centre, Jubilee High School, Magna Carta School 

The Reverb project aims to inspire and engage young musicians in challenging circumstances through rap, poetry, music technology, creative songwriting, and instrumental performance. The project will culminate in a series of unique performances based on the young people’s ideas of empowerment, their daily lives, and overcoming challenges in their lives. Reverb project will work with excluded young people and those at risk of exclusion. Each young musician will leave with a composition, instrumental and vocal skills, online blog of their work, experience of performing and leading their own music workshop, and will gain Arts Award Bronze qualification. 



Art Form: Visual Artist 

Community Partner:  Creative Response

Working with adults with mental health issues this project will explore how to build confidence through a community rooted arts project.  The projects aims to encourage participants to develop skills, pursue interests and develop as creative practitioners in their own right as well as encouraging skills sharing and group work.  Resulting in a visual art piece that ‘exhibited’ in the local community the project will provide an opportunity for participants to be part of the wider community.  



Art Form: Dance 

Community Partner: Bletchingley Village Primary School

A dance artist will work with the children at Bletchingley Primary to explore how dance can help to develop emotional resilience. Pupils will be taken on a metaphorical emotional journey where they will learn how different emotions can take over a person and affect how they behave.  The emotions will be explored through movement, which will be aligned to how the emotion makes the body move and feel.  Along the journey, the young dancers will learn strategies in how to take control of their emotions and through doing so it is aimed will build emotional resilience. The project will culminate in a dance performance by the children.