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Singing Surrey


The Singing Surrey project was launched in 2010 and established a number of new singing groups across the county. Any member of the community could join with no tests or specific requirements – which resulted in a huge range of ages and types of people within each group. After 80 singing sessions and over 20 public performances Surrey had acquired a sustainable model for community choirs, one which has been applied over and over again with our boroughs and districts. The original singing tutors have now mentored and trained local singing leaders to take on the choirs. The benefits to the participants’ health and well-being was documented with the expert assistance of Creative Partnerships and the University of Sussex.


I must confess I feel very content at the moment and singing must have something to do with it.’

‘I don’t think about anything else when I’m there. There’s a lot of laughter in our choir: it’s a happy choir.’

‘After a long, hard day I come here to take it all out of my head and relax!