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Learning to Fly


Learning to Fly is running creative writing workshops across Surrey. Using spoken word and poetry we’ll be exploring the impact of World War 1 in Surrey and the hidden stories of local people.

Get involved in these workshops led by poet Talia Randall, in partnership with Surrey in the Great War: A County Remembers project. Sign up to the workshops and unleash your inner writer.



      Sign up to the workshops

      Take part in our crowd-poem

      "Tales of a county" - Benna


Tales of a county - Benna. A learning to Fly commission

As part of the project, spoken word artist Benna has written and recorded an original poem in response to the Surrey in the Great War project archives. Check out the video below, put together by Valeria at Eyes On The Wall



As well as the workshops we’re creating a crowd-poem to celebrate the invisible heroes in Surrey today.

We want you to join us!

Our history is bursting with heroes whose names we don’t know - but which modern day heroes do you want to celebrate? Is it someone in your home, community or school? Is it someone who would never even call themselves a hero?

Tell us by writing about them below and we will weave it into a collective crowd-poem that will be published next year.

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