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Hopper is an initiative to bring high quality early years theatre shows into pre-schools, nurseries, theatres, libraries, and children's centres in Somerset and Surrey and now, in 2018, it is ready to launch three seasons of shows.

Some of these shows are open to the public. Please see below for details of these performances and how you can book tickets.

Fairytales Gone Bad 

Half Moon presents a Joseph Coelho production. 

Monday 5 March - 10:00am at Woking Library - tickets £2 per child (plus one adult)
Tuesday 6 March - 10:15am at Redhill Library - tickets £2 per child (plus one adult)
Tuesday 6 March - 1:45pm at Merstham Library - tickets £2 per child (plus one adult)
Tickets also available from host libraries. 

The true stories behind the happily ever after fairytales... Join performance poet Joseph Coelho, National Poetry Day Ambassador, as he unravels familiar fairytales to create fresh contemporary classics in an enchanting performance for young and old alike.


Thrillingly grisly, darkly funny.” - Children’s Theatre Review, 2016

“We love this because it’s funny and portable and clever!” - Hopper


To the Moon


Saturday 23 June - Camberley Theatre, www.camberleytheatre.biz
Part of Camberley International Festival festival, please see website for details and booking. 


A theatrical story told with aerial circus.

Join a princess like no other as she embarks on the biggest journey of her life – to the Moon!  


“The circus routines are full of charm and wit and bounce easily and con dently between knockabout fun and serene beauty.” - Broadway Baby

“The perfect introduction to circus.” Children’s Theatre Reviews


Light Steps


Friday 5 October - Woking Library
Please visit Woking Library for tickets (available from September 5 2018)


Following the song and dance of the sun. 

Join Alex a rag doll on a magical journey with the sun, from the gentle light of an emerging dawn, through fluffy clouds and bright skies rflected in the frothy tides, dancing into the multcoloured blaze of a beautiful sunset. 


“The accompanying music was beautiful, the dancers were awesome, we liked the use of colour and scarves” Audience Member

“We love this because its great dance full of big, gentle emotions.” - Hopper


Need a Little Help

Tangled Feet

Friday 12 October - Camberley Theatre https://www.camberleytheatre.biz
Please visit theatre website for timing and tickets. 

Empathy, friendship and the joy of caring.

Joe and Ella are a great team - they make each other laugh, help each other out and tackle all the chores their busy lives throw at them. But one morning things begin to change, as Joe gets all tangled up and Ella has to do things alone. Will she be able to continue as before or will it all get too much? If only she had a little help... 


“A glimpse of magic”  The Guardian

“A wonderful production full of heart, with a really important message! ”  Audience Member 



If you would like to find out more about the development of the Hopper project, please click here for more information.


If you are interested in theatre for early years you may also like our other new show for 2018 - Moonbrella



This project has received funding from the Arts Council’s Strategic Touring Fund and the Paul Hamlyn Foundation in addition to funding from Arts Partnership Surrey. During the project Take Art, Surrey Arts and China Plate will also work in partnership with key local theatres; The Brewhouse in Taunton; Bridgwater Arts Centre, The Egg in Bath and Camberley Theatre in Surrey.